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Thursday, June 16, 2005

the wabbit and the pigg
i'm in paradise with you
whyte [7:07 PM]
___makee a wiish___

my sleeping doggie!!
i'm in paradise with you
whyte [7:06 PM]
___makee a wiish___

i love euu~
met up on tuesday with ben. went to his house. haha. saw his mum for the first time. pretty lady. gosh. she's got a good figure. her legs are same size as mine. omgg. i hope when i'm her age i'm that hot still. weet! =x anyway. then saw his erm god dad's son. quite a cute chubby boy. waha. watched movie here and there. then waited for him to bath. then we went to town to catch a movie. plaza singapura. mr and mrs smith. kinda funny. but think abt it, its retarded. husband and wife killing each other. sm. =x rite. then rushed down to the trinity church at tamp. was late. opps. then we had mass. mmm.. the mood was kinda low then.. oh well.. then me, ben, samuel, zach( i think), rayner went to play pool at TM. then spencer came. then... we took bus 72. was suppose to go to ben's place but it was late so i headed home. he sent me home of cos. lolx. he was afraid to come up cos of muh mum. UH HUH. hahaha.. so cute. we sat at the sofa watching tv for a while. ;) then darlin cabbed home. ((:
wednesday darling came over ta study at bout 11am. haha.. then me, ben and mummy went to town. waha.. mummy was such a silly lady. chatted abt her experiences etc. :) darling was kinda amused. waha. we walked around.. collecting the bracelt.. buying da beads.. shopped at cold storage.. waha.. then took cab home. oh dear. the stupid taxi women driver. eeks. irritating. haa. then erm.. we went to swim.. mugged a bit in the lounge. went back home ta eat dinner. came down again. realised those stupid management ppl are having meeting. so head back home to mug in the study room. lalala.. shared a matress and studied. doggie kept dozing off. sooo cute. waha. *muacks* mm.. then he contemplated for a very long time to stay over. ahaha.. in the end he did but probably pissed his mother off. bleah. but its ok. i'm here baby. :D haa..! the whole nite we slept together. darn funny. that white cup and spoon. the "it smells ok... NOT." lolx. the tweety 's supper. WAHA. alright. slept at 1+++ 2 am. woke up arnd 9++ to eat breakfast and slack arnd. then darling went home to go to school. yeapp. so here i am after taking a nap and mugging a bit. weeet. :)

*[[i pray to god that the johns will get to know each other in heaven. and make frens. aha. we'll be blessed for loving one another]]
_when we go up someday, my dad and ure dad will be feasting together. ain't that cool? wee! haha.._
i love you, ben.
i want to be yours now and forever. ever and ever..
sounds hard and impossible. but yea, we'll overcome all the problems together.
i'll be ure little rabbit till i'm dead. ( not eaten by a dog pls. thanks. :D )

you love me ; i love you.
//the pig.dog.bear and the wabbit rabbit//
whyte [6:03 PM]
___makee a wiish___

muh darling and me
i'm in paradise with you
whyte [5:37 PM]
___makee a wiish___

Monday, June 13, 2005

whyte [5:35 PM]
___makee a wiish___

I'm here helplessly in love and nothing can stop me
you can't stop me
once I started you can't return me
once you bought it
I come and baby don't got it
I come and baby don't got it
so lets be about it
Baby have some trustin' trustin'
when I come wit lustin' lustin'
cuz I bring you dat comfort
I ain't only here cuz I want your body
I want your mind too.
Interesting when I find you
and I'm interested in the long haul
come on boy!
-don't phunk with my heart.
whyte [12:00 PM]
___makee a wiish___

uhh huh..
I MISS U BEN. lol. really. alottt. zzz.. went to watch phua chu kang musical on saturday. uh huh. its kinda retardted. but well, could see the efforts they put in. not really funny though. =x mmm... ben called me on sat nite from genting while i was thinking of him. so zhun. lol. we chatted then went back to sleep.. then sunday went to church with spencer. then went for post con. then went out with mommy and jie jies to eat. then went home. studied a bit of chem. did an english compre. waha. then slacked and fell asleep. waiting for ben to call. hmm.. then until today morning he still haven call. zz. i smsed him arnd 1 am. haha.. then he called abt 9++ 10 am. aha. chatted again.. until mommy !@#$% then we put down the fone. waha. so here i am now.. slacking. weet. miss muhh darling boy.. >_<

i don't care what others say of you. i believe in you. and i want to trust you. please be my good baby darling doggie ben.. ((: i love you.
whyte [11:51 AM]
___makee a wiish___

Friday, June 10, 2005

cute darling
my cute darling
whyte [8:24 PM]
___makee a wiish___

i've been a bad child these few days.. sigghh. all thanks to him. LOL. wednesday went out with corey, herman and frens. asked benjamin and rayner to join us. but they reached there earlier than we did. zzz. lolx. rushed home after school and met them up at marina square. wahh. its so messy. that place. haa.. played pool.. omg. i sucked. lol. really like shit siaaa. eeeee. oh wells. then my third sister came to join me. then me, muh sis, ben rayner, spencer, and ravin ( i think..) to shop. wahaha.. walked around like idiots looking for e-base that shop. it was superr funny. ravin left and the rest of them waited outside e-base. they hid inside a lime green box and called that camping? LOL. wad retards!okies. then they sat by the escalator. came this retarded guy who was playing with some thingy. first ray saw. he laughed. then spencer saw. he laughed. then, ben saw. due to his slow reaction, he paused a while. then he laughed. LOL. then he jumped on the spot laughing like a hyena. then he stepped on my foot. thanks. i was wearing slippers and he was wearing shoes. UH HUHH. Zzz. lol.. retarded. then they went off to get some bike stuff. lert ray with me and my sis. i swear ray is the most talkative guy i've ever known. he can't stop talking for 1 min and he keeps yaking away to distract ppl while they play pool. ( ray : this explains why i lost to u ok! ) we went to sterbucks. sat down and chat. a while. then we took bus 70 to muh house. in the bus we cracked super cold and lame jokes. lmao. managed to convinced ben and spencer to come over to my house by bike. so they came. almost had a problem coming down my house cos of mommy. but i did anyway. haha.. walked ben and spencer to drink at the water cooler. HAHAHA. ben looked like a dog when he drank. i teased him. oh doggie doggie!! LOL. then they went home saying they will come over to swim tmr.. haa..
they came over on thursday. i went to school and tuition before that. waha. we went to swim. i performed magic with the swimming pool stairs. got a water slap by ben. was water raped by him and spencer. uhh huh.. haha.. ray got " bullied " by ben. poor thing. was pretty boring lar huh. bathed. then they came up my place to eat porridge. which apparently.. wasn't filling at all. but i only ate a muffin that whole day, i was full after eating the porridge. lol. then we biked to the kopi tiam outside. UH HUH. thanks spencer. play play play. i got a cut on my right legs while standing on ben's bike. freakk. pain siaa. went to eat. haha.. then i went back home while thay went off to see a haunted house. (childish) and went home. haa. biked back home. got a cut at the same spot when spencer disturbed again. zzzz. walked back to my block. reached home. fell asleep pretty soon. lol.

10.07.05 [[ i swear to you, i will love u till death do us apart. ]]*
miss you and love u my darling doggie ben. pls come back quick. i'll be waiting fer u. waiting fer ure call. thinking of u everyday..
whyte [4:22 PM]
___makee a wiish___

Tuesday, June 07, 2005
uhh huh. so here i am again. hahah.. finished a few questions on integration test. i'm dead. i've got no idea how to do. lmao. :/ going out with mommy soon.. to town. so weird. haha.. i wanna find a pair of nike dunks. ((: miss going out with ppl.. ughh.. tmr going ta marina square with muh sis. hope can meet up with corey and peeps to play pool or sth. waha. :D soo boringggg. i hate cannot-go-out-holidays. who likes??!! ugh.. sad. i wann to go out and haf funnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! okok. i'm a bit hyper. i'm gonna take a rest. then doll up. then *poof* i'm off to town!!!!!!!!!!.... with my mum. :(

i love u. is that ok?
you'll always be my boo..
whyte [2:10 PM]
___makee a wiish___

Monday, June 06, 2005
i'm backkk!!!
hello! i'm back. hahhha.. but i don't know how long this can last. hurr.. let's see..... i've been an living a crazy life. everyday is so boring. ugh. study. music. slack. eat. bath. rot. com. uh huhhhhhh. nothing else to do. OMG. going mad. one day i'll burst and die. lol. i hate to study.. i dunno why. think i am going crazyy.. this year my O's but i'm still like.. slack. ha. i'm so screwed. bleah. don't ask me wad happen to me and aaron. obviously broke up. ha. i feeel sick and tired of relationships. its just a pack of lies. to i dunno wad. cover up their real flirtiness? hurr. holidays don't feel at all like one. i guess thats howit should be at sec 4. -sighh- and i don't know what i want to do after i graduate. i seriously don't wanna go to JC. but i have no idea what i want to be when i grow up more. so poly isn't a gd choice either cos i dunno which course to go to. =/ went out with spencer tay,his cousin, marie, wilfred, von and samantha ytd. after church. haa. to monster. hmm.. seems like my pool has been maintaining the standards. -phew- but after which, i went home. then i stoned. since then. i decided i need to do sth today. so i tried my best to not think bout any thing and did my social studies workk. haha.. i'm starting to feel sick of my life. its just so plain. makes me feel like spitting it out. haa. zzz.. i really wonder.. if i die today, what will happen? but oh wells. i don't wanna die so fast. hahaha.. i still wanna count my endless blessings.. bleah.. :/

so i pray to u each day and every nite that you'll send that special someone into my world. to fill me with laughter and happiness. to take away the pain and boredom. the tears and lonliness. please do , lord.

i believe that someday, i'll meet you. and we'll be the happiest children of god. spending our times together.. till death do us apart... i dislike flirtts. shoo shoo! don't come near me. haha.. i'm so bored. i'm lame. :/
whyte [6:17 PM]
___makee a wiish___

Saturday, March 05, 2005
haha.. opps. haven't been blogging.. alot of days. :D lazy la. heh. ytd was our one month but we didn't meet up. today neither. sighh. glad i'll be seeong him tmr. miss him much. HE GOT ME A BIGG PIGGIE. ARGH! so cute. ha. mm.. these few dayss pretty stressed up in school.. many times felt like breakking down.. small little remarks. actually, not small. insults i feel.. made by my mother and sister.. make me break down real easily.. bleah. tests tests books books homework homework cca cca church church bible bible comic comic rosary rosary baby baby baby.. bLHAhsashd. ughh. dropping literature. hope i can. cos really, i suck at my english. my lit teacher failed me for an assignment. blah. then i keep thinking and thinking.. last min decide to drop. thought mummy would object. surprisingly she said " up to you lor.. if u think is better this way go ahead" HA. great. siggh. monday math "mini" test on differentiation. tuesday lit test on king of castle chapter 1-5. wednesday chemistry test on electrolysis. tuesday thursday cca. friday. finally. 11 march. can start wearing coloured clothes. *.* wed got cell gp meeting. friday to sunday church camp. WOOTS. busy week. then is hols. then go back skool for cca. got some lit seminar. hurr. then after march hols come back. -------------------------------------------------------die. 30 may 2005 chinese gce o level exams.
hope i can stay alive till the end of this year man. ha.
feel like a doll getting squashed into a tiny box, being chucked away..
papa.. i miss you.. :/
aaron baby.. i miss you too..
mummy.. when can u stop being so insensitive to me? and everyone else? u get hurt. so do we.
my dearest lord, i just pray to you to make me feel happy everyday. thats all i want. ((:
whyte [10:41 PM]
___makee a wiish___

Tuesday, February 15, 2005
twelfth day.. ((:
words are just not enough to tell you how much u mean in my heart now..
mmm.. didn't go to school todayy. haha.. was feeling sick. and didn't feel like going too. :x went out with baby to celebrate valentine's day. heh. chatted with baby on the fone for a while on the way home. was hoping to see him at the bus stop.. but he wasn't there. then was hoping to see him at my block.. but he wasn't there neither. kinda disappointed but thought its ok since i'll be seeing him later anyway. :D so went home. walked to my bed room. !!!! saw a heart shape pillow! HA. with microbeads. just the one i wanted since dunno how long ago. ((: and there was a heart shape box ferrero chocolates. haha.. *touched* well.. i was happy of cos. then was talking to my mummy. asking her when he came up and stuff. then was about to bath. opened my cupboard. -SCREAMS- !!! hahahh... saw a bouquet of PURPLE ROSES. OMG! he's so so so sweet! *jumps around* XXXxxxxxXxXX hehehe..i was so happy. lost for words. then my mummy was saying "he told me not to say. he said auntie cannot tell her ar.." lol.. so cute rite. hah. then went to bath and change. baby came up. took a long time to leave the house. cos i insisted on puting my pore pack and paint my toe nails. HAHA. ate my lunch then after a while left the house. heading to east coast beach. hmm.. felt sick on the long bus journey. but oh wells.. if it makes him happy to go down to the beach, its worth it. ((: walked along the shores.. picked up sea shells. haha.. felt like when i was a little girl.. picking up shells showing to my mummy and daddy.. missed those times.. sat down chatted and ................... :D yeap. went to eat at a kopitiam. ahas. so budget rite. haha.. then went to take bus 13. Great. took the wrong side. ended up near tampanies. a very familiar place. really familiar. thoughts and memories came gushing to my mind.. i knew there was something left behind not dealed with in the life i had for the last few months in 2004. me and baby decided to take a taxi to my house. wanted to go ang mo kio to play pool but dropped the idea. in the cab.. we chatted a bit.. some nice conversations.. and i teared. after such a long week.. guess it takes time to forget someone.. looking at him beside me, i felt a sudden urge of happiness and thankfulness. hugged him tight and told him i really feel very happy that i have you. :)) reached home. baby tried effortlessly to ask his mother for permission to stay over. alright. what a pathetic boy but its ok. he's got me. HA. =x mmm.. then went up.. was pissed off with my sister and mother. baby felt helpless looking at me angry and upset. but everything was fine later on.. :D sat on the sofa with baby and.................................. spend some unforgettable moments. lolx. then baby went home taking a cab.. -smiles- gave baby the big chocolate i made for him. hope he likes it. hee.
thank you baby.. my darling aaron baby.. really don't know what will i be now without you in my life..thanks for being in my life.. i love you, aaron.
whyte [12:01 PM]
___makee a wiish___

16 years young
17th april
ben's girl

*lemon barely
*prima deli chicken pie
*delicious food and drinks
*my family
*my friends
*doggie ben

*anything ugly and disgusting
*people who choose to dislike me

* my wishlist *
a levis jeans
a pair of brown nike dunks
someone i love :D [[found.]]

* elisa
* emi
* mich=)
* isaac
* ayu
* yingg
* vj
* nicholas
* ammanda
* xinrongg
* wini
* wendy
* charlotte
* belinda

_____m e mo r i e s*
x December 2004
x January 2005
x February 2005
x March 2005
x June 2005

_____c r e di t s*
_mitch shell. :)
_ying ((:
i wish upon a s t a rr ;;
wanna be right where you are
you set my world on fire

babe i got a crush on you.
i wish upon a s t a rr ;;
cant you see how right we are

we should be together
babe i got a crush on you.

i used to turn around and walk away
never stopped to play
cause there was no attraction.

but in my heart you start to grow on me
kind of suddenly
so now i’ve changed direction

knowing it might seem strange
llove came over me
feeling the luck has changed
do you want me, like i want you?

in this cold world, where dreams are few
baby, i want you ;;
is it too much to ask for?

i’ll take you to places you never been
if you jus give iin
so babe, its now or never

me and you, you and me ;;
living a life in harmony
its magic, babe i’ve got a crush on you.

_____ii llove you_____

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